Tuesday, June 14, 2005

The one about late night lamenting...

Its 2.30am now and I'm still online. I'm such a night person it isn't funny.

Anyway, just some interesting happenings over the last week or so. There's been lots of talk about the National Anthem of Malaysia being played before entertainment events. Even movies! Yes, really. Its suppose to inculcate a sense of nationalism among us. Some say, its merely a little act for the betterment of our country. Well, if I have to pay 25% for Entertainment Duty everytime I see a movie, I do believe I've already done my part for the "rakyat"; for my country!

Besides, if the Powers-that-be want to inculcate Nationalism in all of us, here are a few suggestions:

1. Try not to allow five (5) of the country's top scorers in the SPM - four of who scored a maximum thirteen (13) A1's - to be denied government scholarships purely because they are not of one particular race;

2. Try not to deny eminent academics from local universities from taking up high profile, reputable secondments with the United Nations - because once these academics are eventually allowed to take up the post and given a free reign to comment on the universities, they will reveal that there has been (a) favouritism in academic promotions, (b) monitoring of internal e-mail system and (c) tampering with examination marks;

3. Try not to shamlessly argue in public about which UMNO members have been given the privilege to be instant millionaires by the issuance of Approved Permits ("AP's") to import cars which they "license" out;

4. Try not to preach excellence in us as a Malaysian race when our ruling political party is divided upon racial lines and favouritism is continually practised and justified through the National Economic Policy which breeds mediocrity.

As a friend said to me recently, Malaysia has become an Institutionalised Mediocracy. Malaysia Boleh Juga.

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