Thursday, October 06, 2005

The one about old friends...

Caught up with an old friend recently.

Albeit through the wonders of email, I managed to contact my old school mate Peter Tan. Peter's somewhat of a celebrity in the Malaysian blogging world. Many years ago, at age 18, Peter had an accident and suffered severe spinal chord injury. He became paralysed from the chest down. Now for those of us who knew Peter way back then, the thought of seeing him confined to a wheelchair seemed so unlikely; what with Peter being one of our top scouts, traffic warden and all round active guy.

I guess what I could not understand then was that, as difficult it was for any of us to believe that Peter was paralysed, just imagine how much more difficult it would have been for him to accept that fact. Like many of his friends then, my immaturity made me incapable of handling the news.

Well, we have all grown up in so many different ways. But coming in contact with Peter again, although not face to face yet, was a revelation indeed. I realise that we continue to learn throughhout our lives. This time, it was the simple truth of Peter's present life that has taught me something.

Peter's weblog entitled "The Digital Awakening" puts many blogs to shame. He has shown the true power of the digital word. Not only can it bring recognition and respect to a simple person; but more importantly it enhances life, supplements knowledge and gives reason. Its truly his awakening. On a wider perspective, it was mine as well.

Despite his many trials, Peter's concern for other PWDs (People with Disabilities) and the general public's awareness of them shines through. The causes he champions grows because of him; and he because of them. A natural symbiotic relationship which I can only sit back and watch in awe.

My previous blog on Bessie Stanley's poem about "What Constitutes Success" is worth reflecting upon. All I can say right now is, Pete my friend, you have succeeded.


I hope to meet Peter at the Penang Bloggers Meet @ Starbucks, E-Gate (next to Tesco's) this coming Sunday 9th October, 2.00 p.m. Anyone out there who can make it, do go along. Bound to be fun!

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Peter said...

Looking forward to meeting you Sunday. :D


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