Monday, October 24, 2005

The one about pot luck...

Wow, once again I've gone off on one of my long silent spells. Guess, there's not been enough time for this luxury. Take last night for example...

Met up with our usual gang of friends for a pot luck dinner. Its been ages since we last had a pot luck. Our famed "themed" pot lucks were a usual occurance some two years back but what with the arrival of Ethan and all, they faded away. There was a bit of a revival last night, as we kicked things off with a "Northern Indian" do.

Kinda adventurous I thought, to start on something pretty involved after such a long hiatus. However, I was pleasantly surprised as everyone stepped up to the plate and knocked a couple of home runs each (using truly American metaphors here). Sue & Yan did Murgh Makhani and Dhal while Jinny & KH did Tandoori Chicken with Biryani rice. Jo and I prepared Rogan Josh, Palak Paneer and Ketchumbar. Finally, Mel & Stacy brought Naan and a Raita. May all sound rather foreign but it was fun and we all certainly had our fill.

Dinner was at Jinny & KH's so we then adjourned upstairs for drinks and a game of "Cranium". For those who have not played "Cranium" before, its hilarious and fun. Its a board game much like Pictionary but with a difference. There are four separate categories which require you to either act out, hum, draw, sculpt (with plastacine) or figure out (puzzles/trivia) the clues. So everyone can really participate. We had a hoot of a time as the girls battled the guys and beat us twice. Gotta say the last game was close.

Anyway, last Friday (15th), we celebrated Stacy's birthday at Sweet Tamarine, the so-called London-style Chinese Restaurant. Food was good and we adjourned to Mel & Stacy's after. Anyway, here's a couple of photos from that dinner...

Dinner Guests Posted by Picasa

All getting red in the face!! Posted by Picasa

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