Monday, November 14, 2005

The one about charity...

Well, its been some week.

Last weekend was my party and I had hoped for things to slow down but this week has zoomed by at the speed of thought. Mainly work kept me tied up but for Jo, she was caught up with the organising of the Bar Council's Legal Aid Scheme's 25th Anniversary dinner. Due to some last minute changes and hiccups, they had to meet three days in a row.

Anyway, Friday came along soon enough. We had decided to use up Jo's free stay at the E&O...yes, the dinner was there... and so we took half day off. In the morning we brought Ethan to the office and after lunch, we checked-in at the hotel and let the little fellow run around the place a bit. Later we took him home, got dressed and came for the dinner.

Our Organisers...

The Ladies at our table...

The famed "Makcik Gang"...

It was supposed to be a "smart casual" affair but most people had the sense to dress up slightly seeing that the dinner was at the E&O. The crowd gathered early, and the early fears of the organisers that a major mess up would occur, proved to be unfounded. It was for the most part an enjoyable night. People participated where necessary and they managed to raise some money for a good cause. I felt there was a bit of misunderstanding about the auction but, hey, no one seemed to care too much, so be it.

Among the services auctioned were an hour long consultation with Mr Sitham, a strip and song routine from Bar Council Chairman Mr Yeo, Nazriah's famed beef rendang and a ride with Carolyn in her convertible. All fairly tongue-in-cheek yet a worthy cause was supported.

Those who stayed back discovered that it started to rain heavily. So, our planned trip to Soho was out of the question. Many left but the few that stuck around moved the party to the Farquhar Bar (at the E&O itself) and there, lively conversation plus an impromptu performance by our earlier entertainer Sam Ponnudurai dotted the rest of the night. It was almost 2am by the time we headed to our suite. Mel came up with us to see the room and ended up taking a short nap on the sofa.

All in all, I had a good time and must say it was a good start to the school hols (not that school hols mean that much to me right now). Its usually a pre-cursor to another round of festivities. Christmas. This year it'll be in Singapore for us. Although I'm looking forward to a great bang to usher in the New Year.

Just a note here, Peter Tan has achieved his target of collecting RM5,000 for the Hospice at Home program and he has honoured his word and shaved his head. Kudos to him! Clearly the charitable heart of ordinary people at work.

And on a special note, Happy 15th Birthday to the Internet... for my money, the greatest innovation for humankind.

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