Tuesday, November 29, 2005

The one about the start of Advent...

Yes, its upon us again... the season of Advent.

It simply means Christmas is coming and soon after that, a new year 2006! Whatever happened to the year that was 2005?!! Time does fly when seen in retrospect.

Last Saturday night, Jo and I had a nice dinner together, just the two of us at the Tiffins Restaurant, Grand Parkroyal Penang. The food was at its usual best and the Sous Chef even came out to say hello. As Jo had a voucher, the meal didnt cost us an arm and a leg, so it was an enjoyable time all round.

Sunday, we did the usual family day out - taking Ethan to Tumbletots for his playgroup. After that, it was a quick trip to the Paradise Hotel for the International Womens' Association's Christmas Bazaar. This annual event has grown from strength to strength every year; altho this year the location seemed a little cramped. The place was packed and we did pick up some small gifts.

That night, we had our gathering with the gang. It was Buffet Dinner at Sigi's Golden Sands Resort. We were told that the chefs from La Bodega in Bangsar KL were up here and were preparing a selection of Tapas. Funny thing was, couldn't really see anything resembling Tapas at all. Only thing hard-core Spanish was the huge pan of Paella. Yum! Stacy & Mel brought little Naomi there and she attracted the attention of an elderly couple on the next table. They were in Penang on a stopover heading to Australia to see their grandchildren. After we all filled ourselves, we then proceeded to KH & Jinny's place to watch the new series "Rome" on HBO.

We then got around to discussing what we would do for New Year's Eve. KH rummaged thru his things and brought out two microphones. Jinny immediately whipped out her collection of 100 Karaoke Love Songs! Help! Looks like its going to be a noisy New Years Eve at the Tans' residence!

Our Christmas this year will be in Singapore and I'm looking forward to a relaxing holiday season. Advent means so many things to different people but to me - the memories of the cooling and refreshing Christmas Breeze blowing as I stand in my garden; the anticipation of meeting up with relatives and the usual hustle and bustle that accompanies that; the happy faces on those we will never see again; the presents, small and insignificant it may have been yet meant the world to me then; the lights, the music, the atmosphere. Christmas was always something personal to me and will always be. It's an important time to me, a time to re-collect my thoughts, my achievements, my failures for the year.

May this season be the best one yet for everyone out there....

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