Saturday, February 25, 2006

The one about still catching up...

So Chinese New Year came and went. Nothing major happened, so I'll just let the photos tell the story...

First day lunch at Jo's parents' place

At Yan's place on 2nd day for Hockkein Mee...

Ethan enjoying Yan's dogs...

4th day lunch at the Swimming Club

Dinner at Jhen Hean's place on Friday 3rd Feb... Ethan with Aiden (Alex & Sharon's)

Quite a few events went unrecorded as I had taken a hiatus from being the regular photographer. On Jan 31st (3rd day of CNY), we had a gathering for old schoolmates at Soho's which was poorly attended. We thought at least 20 people would turn up but the number was less even including spouses. Anyway, the roll call for that night:

Kian Hio & Jinny, Raphael, Henry & wife, Woei Der & Helen, Peter Sithamparam, Mei Lee, Sureswaran, Jimmy, Tze Meng, Jo & me!

Then on Monday Feb 6th, May Ling & her hubby Francis came up to Penang and asked us all out. Unfortunately, I had a prior bowling engagement and so Jo went to join Yan, Sue Khoon & Mel as they enjoyed themselves at the new outlet "Opera".

On Feb 8th, the chinese members of the Penang Bar Committee treated the others to a dinner at the Tze Chu-Lin Vegetarian Restaurant. It was a night of talk, talk and more talk. All the planning and scheming for the upcoming AGM.

Feb 10th, we had snuck in the compulsory mahjong night at Jinny & KH's place. So Sue Khoon, KH, Jinny & I tickled the tiles till late while my poor wife sat restlessly alone watching TV!!

The next night Feb 11th, we made up to Jo for her boring night before with a fun and intriguing drinking night out on Upper Penang Road. Yan, Sue Khoon, Jo & I chatted away while the alcohol flowed freely. Mel joined us later on to round up an interesting night indeed.

Feb 12th (Chap Goh Meh) - we all had dinner to mark the end of the Chinese New Year season at the Zhong Hua Restaurant at 1-Stop Midlands. It happened to be Thaipusam time as well and amidst the hustle bustle we sat down to a fairly mediocre meal but great company. All eight of us were there (Raphael & Carolyn missing).

That brought the Chinese New Year holiday break to an end. Have managed to catch up with the posts with just Valentine's day and events after that still to go. Will truly catch up soon! Till then...

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