Friday, May 19, 2006

The one about the first year...

Hey! You know what I just realised? My blog - this electronically created corner of cyberspace - has turned ONE! Yes, on a fateful day - May 5th 2005, I decided to start writing... no, ranting and raving, by utilising the magic of the then fairly new phenomena called a weblog.

Fast forward to today, I'm sitting and surfing when I decided to check up on my blog and - lo and behold - I realise this personal adventure of mine is one year and fourteen days old. I've had few active visitors and have not made much of an impact nor created waves in the internet world. I haven't touched the lives of many people nor caused much scandal amongst netizens. What I have done is documented part of my life and the lives of those close to me. It has provided me an opportunity to re-collect, to re-enact and to reflect. With that, I gain the chance to juxtapose what I have been thru with what I look forward to. All that without fear, favour, censorship or cost. What else could anyone ask for?

Blogging has put me back in touch with old friends, meet new ones and link up with family all over the world (ok, maybe just in Australia). I've enjoyed the year, and I hope for many years to come. Look out vast cyberworld... Limitations & Latitudes will be getting wiser, bigger and better!

Another fascinated reader...

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