Monday, February 23, 2009

The one about photos... again!!

The Photoblog 5

Ohm Dance 2nd Anniversary Dance Night - 10th September 2008

Ethan having a great time with his lantern

Swimming at Miami Green - 27th September 2008

Oh why don't they let me dance at the Little Penang Street Market??

Penang Bar Treasure Hunt - Heritage Trail 12th October 2008

Bangkok Trip 18-20th October 2008

Posing at our hotel lobby - The Adelphi Suites

Dinner at the Sheraton Grande

Night out at the Bed Supperclub

On Ralph's real birthday 26th October 2008

Jo & Ethan at breakfast after mass

Ethan's last day of school - 14th November 2008

Partying at G-Spot - 22nd November 2008

@ Kian Ming & Sam's wedding - 23rd November 2008

Penang Island Jazz Festival - 6th December 2008

Ethan at the Little Penang Street Market again... 7th December 2008

Penang Bar Christmas Bash - 12th December 2008

Jo's new hair-do! 17th December 2008

Wendy's farewell @ BBB - 19th December 2008

Welcoming in the new year - 31st December 2008

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