Tuesday, May 24, 2005

The one about starting young...

Hi there! Just at the end of a long weekend. A belated Happy Wesak to those who celebrate.

Did you all read about the little 3-year-old girl, born in an Australian detention centre and having to remain there because she's considered "stateless". The utter nonsense of it all!! I cannot even begin to understand how our dear government (or the powers that be) can classify a 3-year-old as stateless! The news report said that while the mother is welcomed, the girl is not. The mind boggles as to the sheer idiocy of our officials!

Ok, lets argue this in a legal manner - firstly, a minor under the age of 18 cannot own property or enter into contracts. That is provided for in the Age of Majority Act. So, little Naomi (the girl's name) is incapable of choosing to belong to any country. Simply, her nationality should automatically follow that of her legal guardian. In our Guardianship Act, it says both parents are equally the child's guardian. Which means to say, the mother of the child can choose the child's nationality. My legal opinion is that Naomi is automatically a Malaysian by virtue of her mother's nationality. No question, no doubt.

Now, let's look at this with simple common sense. The child is 3-years-old... for God's sake! Is she likely to be a terrorist threat? Who knows? I'm sure however difficult to believe, Osama bin Laden was a cute little toddler at some point. Would she grow up to be a political activist and be a thorn in the government's side? Given her early start in this whole experience, probably yes! In any case, the fact is that there's really no harm in allowing her to come into this country and be a Malaysian. God knows, as it is, so many already want to leave.

Now, some kind hearted people, (note: like in the movies, the "orang putih" is again the kind-hearted person, why is that? Cos, it's true?) are trying to get Naomi Australian citizenship. Well, I wish you well Naomi... please grow up, study hard and be a responsible person. And, oh, by the way... win a gold medal for Australia at the Olympics, ok?

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