Friday, May 27, 2005

The one at the end of an AMAZING day....

Well, what can I say? Liverpool are European Champs! We're back man... and its about time too!

Quick round-up of newsmakers today... Carrie Underwood, the country sweetheart became the new American Idol. I believe Simon Cowell; she'll go on to be one of the most successful idols of all.

Noted academician Dr. Edmund Terence Gomez made the "alternative" headlines again (i.e. not the mainstream press but on - this time his wife, also a lecturer at UM was denied no-pay leave to join her husband in Geneva (see my previous post - "The one about the art of elimination..."). Man, we're beginning to look pretty bad.

In world news, US President Bush pledges USD50 million to the Palestinian people thru their Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas. Should be rejected - after all money from the Infidels surely must not be "halal"?

In other news (usually marked under small headlines "Who cares?") - country singer Garth Brooks proposed to Trisha Yearwood. Probably so she can get a good excuse to step away from the limelight which will be hogged by the new Idol Carrie.

For me... news of the day must surely be Liverpool's magnificient comeback to take the Champions League Cup which they will get to keep, being 5-time champions!

I hadn't watched Liverpool play live in the Champion's League this season, so I told everyone that I had to miss it (in case I jinx it). By a strange coincidence, my son, uncharacteristically woke up at 5.50am. I got up to comfort him, and was told by Jo-Anne that MY TEAM had won (I had subscribe her mobile to an SMS football results notification service)! We switched on the TV and there it was - scenes of jubilation. It was enough to make one's gape in awe and pride. I can say I saw Steven Gerrard lift the coveted trophy - live!! One day, I will tell my son, he woke me up so I could savour in the experience. Thanks, son!

This year Liverpool finished 5th in the league, the Pope died, Prince Charles got married, a new Doctor Who was introduced ... all significant events everytime Liverpool won the European Cup in the past. An eerie coincidence? Or maybe its that miracle the Church needed to help Pope John Paul II on to sainthood? Whatever the case...

(Not to sound real cheesy; gotta let me have that moment)... You'll Never Walk Alone...

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