Sunday, August 28, 2005

The one about the calm before the storm...

Its just almost midnight. Tomorrow morning, it's back to school for the relevant people. We had a pretty quiet weekend by our recent standards.

Friday night, had dinner with some clients. A unique dinner at the Modern Teochew Restaurant in the Berjaya Hotel. Guess "modern" Teochew isn't like "olden day" Teochew. Anyway, my "public relations" exercise left Jo free to visit the "Spice Garden" for drinks. Some new place near Mutiara Hotel, I'm told. Never been myself. Later she had dinner at Song River with Stacy, Mel, KH and Jinny. That place is just such an institution.

Saturday, we went out during the day. Had some work related matter to iron out and we had a walkabout at Gurney Plaza. That mall is coming along very nicely indeed. Heard the owners are intending to extend the Kelawai Road frontage all the way to the current outdoor carpark. Later, we went for dinner at the Kapitan's Restaurant on Chulia Street after church. Their tandoori chicken is still very good. We ended the night at Jinny & KH's place, since it started to rain cats and dogs. Pleasant night with good friends and drinks to boot. What else could one ask for?

This morning, we took Ethan to his playgroup at Tumbletots, 1-Stop Midlands Center. He's getting into the feel of things there. Another quick trip to Gurney Plaza (easily our favourite haunt), where we discovered a surprisingly well-stocked English section at Popular Bookstore; and then we headed to my in-law's for lunch. Jo hurt her neck and upper shoulder and has been suffering serious pains since Tuesday. We called on our resident "tuina" specialist Mel to help out as he came over to our place in the late evening. Verdict on his treatment? Jury is still out. Actually, she's asleep now. Hope she'll feel better by tomorrow. On Tuesday, we are having dinner & drinks to celebrate Jo's birthday - which is officially on the 1st September.

This coming week will be hectic. I've three client meetings tomorrow alone and one agreement to finish drafting. On Tuesday, we are working out the seating arrangements for our Penang Bar's Annual Dinner & Dance - which will be on Saturday 3rd September. Later Jo has another Organising Committee meeting for the Legal Aid Center's 25th Anniversary Dinner (11th November). I do thrive on pressure, so hope it all works out. If not, oh, well....

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