Wednesday, August 31, 2005

The one about Jo's Birthday party...

Phew! Had a great night last night!

We celebrated Jo's birthday last night, dinner at Piccolino's Restaurant Upper Penang Road and then proceeded to Soho for a "kick-ass" fun time party!

Our dinner was for the usual gang. We have a tradition of celebrating each other's special day and last night was no different. After a pretty good meal, Jo opened her pressies - which I must say, she really liked all of them - and we then walked across the road to Soho.

We were joined by Lynette and Claude. They are proof that the world is small. Lynette is a fellow lawyer and friend while Claude was my old school mate. Anyway, they were gracious to attend and I hope had a great time. Later on, Nazriah & Mazri came by too. Nazriah just flew in that night from KL and she came straight for the party. It was great of her. Made the night even more special and fun.

Well, to cut a long story short, 2 Flaming Lamborghini's for Jo and 2 bottles Black Label were polished off. We all left a little tipsy and weary but I'm sure everyone had a blast!

Today's the National Day. Not feeling particularly patriotic. Looking forward to tomorrow - its Jo's actual birthday on 1st September. We have dinner planned at the E&O 1885 Restaurant.

Well, Jo, if you're reading this, I didn't get you any great presents but I know you know that there's no one more important to me. So, I have this simple wish for you...

I could wish you the world,
That you always be happy,
Though I realise,
That's one destination we can't just travel to,
Happiness isn't just ours to own,
Its not even something we can earn.

We will know what it means,
The spirit behind being happy,
When we learn to live every day,
Every moment with love and grace,
Every thought with gratitude,
Then we will find what I shall always wish for you.

Happy Birthday Sweetie!

Here are some pics from one heck of a great night!

Jo & her hubby at dinner

Jo, Nazriah & Jinny cosying up at Soho

Some intense gossiping going on...

The gang at dinner!


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Lynette said...

yea found your blog. haha


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