Monday, September 05, 2005

The one about the Bar Dinner...

Twas a hectic week. Now sitting here lazily on Sunday night/Monday morning, I partly miss the crazy rush to get things organised the last week, what with Jo's birthday and the Bar Dinner both within four days of each other!

Well, its all over now. There'll be a deafening calm for a few weeks, socially anyway. However, I have been known to be wrong about these things. Anyway, we can only wait and see...

So, the Bar Dinner Saturday night! Gosh, I must say, its my sixth year helping to organise this annual event and I do believe this one was one of the better ones. I had fun and it was truly fun organising it. Still, I do know there's no pleasing everyone. Bound to be a few brickbats thrown my way. Oh well, am used to it.

We stayed over at the Shangri La Hotel where the dinner was held. The room was reasonable - certainly not the five star standard of international destinations. Got to say, the banqueting department held up well to the pressure and in the end it was a good job by all. My organising team was great as always - Jo, Jaishree, Saw Hooi, Karen, Lynette, Reza, Dev, Taryna & Selvi all did well and were instrumental in keeping the night moving along. Pam, our emcee was poised and delivered what was needed. Couldn't have asked for anything more.

We had Harith Iskander for our function. The verdict - he was totally hilarious! Best damn act I have had the pleasure of seeing for a very long time now. The whole hall was in stitches and I dare say they all enjoyed the show tremendously. So, the booze flowed freely, the music was pulsating and the people captivating. At least the ladies anyway! Must say, the standard of dressing was kept up and the girls made it a wonderfully elegant yet sexy affair!

Most people left early as always. What with Dave from Soho's there, he managed to garner a crowd to adjourn to his place but a few die-hards stayed on and made it their night to remember. We stayed till around 1.30pm and left the hotel for a late supper of Nasi Lemak and Sup Kambing! KH, Jinny, Sue, Jo and myself stumbled (alcohol induced) to our table at the Ayub Cafe on Argyll Road amidst strange looks from the patrons. Either they were wondering where we were from or the horny guys were just leering at our hot looking ladies...

Anyway, I must say I had a great time myself and this Bar Dinner is the perfect one for me to sign off from the organisinng team. Next year, I shall leave it to the younger ones to inject some fresh ideas into the event.

Once again, I leave you with some photos of the night. I didn't really have time to take many pics but will post more when the official photos are out! Meanwhile, take care!

Ladies deep in conversation... Posted by Picasa

Jo stressing a point! Posted by Picasa

Posing during cocktails Posted by Picasa

Jinny, Celina & Jo...all in a row! Posted by Picasa

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