Sunday, September 11, 2005

The one about kids...

Just got back from a night out at one of Penang's new nightspots - "Bed". A shameful copy of Bangkok's unique Bed Supperclub. Anyway, it was crowded, small and noisy. So typical.

Before that Jo & I took Ethan to our friends Nazriah & Mazri's daughter's 1st birthday party. Lots of people there and we decided to go without our maid. So the inevitable task of following our little terror around fell to his dad. Anyway, it was kinda fun till one of the kids - pretty bratty one - decided to leap at Ethan and bit him on the shoulder! Yes, you read right, bit him! Naturally, we were pretty upset as this has never happened to us much less to poor Ethan. Our boy cried his eyes out - more so due to the shock of the "attack" rather than the pain.

Thinking back, I did feel that I wanted to knock that bratty kid's head off right there and then. Luckily, my common sense told me to respect my hosts' dignity by not causing a scene. On hindsight, it was the right thing not to do. That kid, bratty as he may be, is but a kid. Still, I hope that his parents do consider what he did seriously and do something about his attitude when playing with other kids.

When we got home after that party, I bathed Ethan and later put him to bed. As we said together Ethan's usual bedtime prayer, I asked Ethan to pray for that kid. May he never hurt anyone else that way again. My boy didn't seem too bothered about the incident then. Children, perhaps we should strive to be like them...

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