Wednesday, August 17, 2005

The one about communication...

Back again... been a while since my last entry. Lots have happened to me personally and to the world as a whole.

We got attacked by the killer haze again. Made lots of people sick and there's still no final solution to this madness. We blame the Indons, they say the burning has been carried out by Malaysian companies there. Go figure.

Anyway, last week Jo and I had a long awaited opportunity for a break. We went to Bangkok with our friends - yep, all 9 of us! Great fun indeed. There was clear communication between all and plenty of freedom for people to do what they wanted.

We travelled by Air Asia. Of course we endured the now inevitable delays but the flights were booked early on and we got great deals. My only complain here is this - why do we Malaysians harbour under the impression that when things are cheap, they automatically have to be poor in quality? Seems the powers that be in Air Asia believe that too. That's the crux of the problem.

Our trip turned out better than we expected. Jo and I did miss little Ethan tremendously as this was the first time we had left him alone overnight. However, the chance to call home and check on him made us both feel so much better.

Just want to add a final note that in life and in all we do, communication is so important. Things can be so simple if only we talk and listen to each other. And, oh, by the way... SMS texting and e-mails don't really count.

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