Thursday, August 04, 2005

The one about the reason why...

The war against terrorism is back in the headlines today. The US and allies call it the "war against terrorism" but the other side - namely Al Qaeda calls it the war against muslims.

After the London bombings, many muslim leaders came out strongly and denounced the cowardly acts as "not islamic". So really what does Al Qaeda want?

Al Zawahiri announced clearly today that the US should stop stealing their oil and wealth and to stop supporting corrupt rulers. He also added that they want the withdrawal of foreign forces from the "Land of Mohammed". He promised more bloodshed.

Now, here's what I have a real problem with. The bloodshed he's talking about...exactly whose blood is it? I mean, he blames the US leaders. He says the American people should not believe their leaders as they are lying to them. Most Americans don't believe their leaders. They do want a quick resolution to occupation in Iraq. Problem is they live in a democracy. Once you elect your leaders you have to live with their decisions. You can't just rebel and kill people everytime you don't like something, or you don't know something or you don't understand something!

I think it was Clinton in one of his last speeches as President, who said essentially that we must strive to know more, because ignorance begets fear; and fear begets hatred. Al Qaeda cannot accept any kind of rule that does not fall in line with their beliefs. Those of whom do not believe what they believe are "infidels". To kill infidels is right. Talk about ignorance, fear and hatred all rolled into one neat explosive package.

So, Al Qaeda wants to kill those who they call "infidels". Most of these "infidels" happen to be innocent people. Human life is sacred - all religions say so; including Islam. So by logic, Al Qaeda's aims cannot be religion driven. So what is it they want? For the life of me, I can't see the reason behind killing innocent people. An old anti-war song from the sixties has lyrics that goes like this: "Why do we kill people, who are killing people, to show that killing people is wrong?"

The song's called "Foolish Notion". Indeed.

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