Monday, December 19, 2005

The one with the spirit of Christmas...

Yes, its almost upon us - the season to be jolly and other icky semantics.

Now, now, I'm no Scrooge and I do love Christmas. Not really into the gifts and the constant eating though. Hate to sound cliche and a tad sappy but its really the simple things which imbues me with that special spirit. That cool soft breeze we get this time of the year which I can feel whenever I stand outside my house at night; the strains of carol singing in the distance and that sense of urgency we get when we realise its coming to the end of another year. To me, Christmas isn't about the traditions cos we make our own traditions. It isn't about giving or receiving; many have none to give nor anyone from whom to get. What then, you may ask, does Christmas mean to me?

Well, its been a hectic few weeks. At work, there's the usual rush to clear things before the new year beckons. Then there're travel arrangements to sort out - with us heading to Singapore for Ethan's first Christmas outside of Penang. There's my Mum's health matters and her deciding to spend Christmas alone at home. Now that hurts.

Things seem to happen when you least expect and problems seems to occur when you least need them. Such is the story of the last week or so. Still, the inevitability of Christmas looms. Often we get caught up in the intent to celebrate that we forget to actually celebrate. Sometimes I wish I could just stop and smell that Christmas breeze. The memories that'll bring back...

We've had carollers come to the house. A neat group of youths who tried hard to inject the festive mood into our home albeit 10 days early. Ethan was a little curious at first as to why there were so many people suddenly singing in our porch. He embarked on his usual runs up and down doing his level best to "sing along" in the manner only he knows.

So far the little fellow's coming along just fine. Doesn't really talk yet but makes hell of a lot of noise. Also has taken to screaming lately. A right little terror he is. I must say, he's improved a lot at his play gym sessions with Tumbletots. We take him most Sundays and he loves it; sometimes too much!

Last Sunday, a few of us had afternoon tea at the E&O Hotel's 1885 Restaurant. Sounds posh eh? It was a nice change to the fast paced meals we've been having of late and what with Jo's voucher, we got it at 50% off! Nice selections and thoroughly enjoyable.

After tea, we decided to hang on to the "lifestyles of the rich & famous" mode - as we ventured to the Marine Show at the new Church Street Pier Marina. Sleek and playful looking boats for sale along with the exhibition of other indulgent opulent vices. We soaked in the atmosphere and tried to blend in...

We're off to Singapore this Thursday. I'll be dragging along my trusty laptop although I don't know how much blogging can be done there. Pretty sure we'll be soaking in the sights and probably a bit of shopping too.

So... the more astute of you out there will still have that lingering question in mind - what DOES Christmas mean to me? Well, Christmas is about sharing. Its about family and its about love. I thank God that I have all that this Christmas. I wish you all the same...

God Bless!

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