Thursday, February 02, 2006

The one about new beginnings... (Part Two)

New Year's Eve (31 Dec)
The gang had planned to meet at Mel's uncle's apartment for a "house" party. However, on the day itself, Carolyn called up with an invite to her place for dinner. As Stacy & Mel were bringing Naomi, we thought staying indoors was best. We all then decided to accept Carolyn's invite but would adjourn to the apartment as planned later on. After all, it was just across the road. Sue & Yan were joining us for dinner but have another party to go to after. So it would just be the few of us at the apartment.

We arrived at Carolyn's then the guys (read Mel, KH and me) went over to the apartment to drop our stuff (read drinks, chips, dip and board games). We got there easily enough and after locking up, we waited for the lift. When one arrived, we walked in but it was unfortunately, then that Mel drop the keys. You guessed it, the keys fell right down the elevator shaft! With no keys, there would be no party after! This was like, one heck of an unlucky thing to happen.

Well, to cut a long story short, we called a locksmith, he came, took him nearly 40 mins to get it unlocked - blood, sweat and nearly tears flowed. The three guys then stumbled across the road, tired and hungry only to find our women kinda high on "pre-dinner" drinks. The food was heated up for us, we ate more out of necessity than desire and finally had the opportunity to catch our breath.

Soon, we were on our way, plodding across the road and into the apartment. No plans for any entertainment but what was important really was spending these key moments with good friends.

And, so it arrived... the new year of 2006. So much for us all to be thankful and so much more for us to look forward to.

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