Sunday, January 29, 2006

The one about new beginnings...(Part One)

Hello there! This is my first entry since we welcomed the new year 2006. In fact today its the first day of Chinese New Year. For the more astute among you, you will see a changed template giving this blog a fresher and more vibrant look. I wanted things to look new for the new year... Yes, the Year of the Dog is upon us. What will this new year bring? We always hear this question, mostly rhetorically asked than otherwise. Still there's such a need to know what the future holds.

Since its been so long since my last entry, I suppose a quick summary of events would be good. I take it up from the last entry and begin with our trip to S'pore for Christmas...

Christmas in Singapore (22 Dec - 27 Dec)
Christmas in Singapore brought about a mixture of emotions. We had fun, doing the high life style shopping and meeting Jo's relatives again. It was a decidedly traditional Christmas set amidst the backdrop of a distinctly modern setting. Jo's cousin Francisca and her husband Bill built a brand new home and had just moved in some two days before we invaded their space. Everything felt rather new and Bill's penchant for technology prevailed as a theme throughout the luxurious abode.

Shopping was good, we managed to pick up gifts for friends and a few things which were not available back home. Not much sight seeing was done but we figured that Ethan's probably too young to appreciate it anyway. Maybe next time we are down.

Ethan adapted well and was making a pain of himself as usual. Still, he was cute sitting on the dinner table for Christmas supper. Made me wish then that my mum could have been there to see him. More on that later.

Jo & Ethan on Orchard Road

At the dinner table

The Family

On the plane...

Ethan back home and posing with his presents!

The day we were to go home was the 27th December. I remember it vividly cos a few weeks back, my mum had gone for a medical check-up and the results were to be out on the 27th. I had wished there was someone to go with mum to the hospital, knowing full well that she didn't take to these things easily. I called her from Singapore after the scheduled appointment but her silence and refusal to say the results meant it was not good news. The trip back was pure horror. I felt all sorts of emotions churning around in my stomach. Ethan causing a commotion didn't help at all.

When we arrived, we decided to just go about our tasks normally until I could speak to mum later. After dinner, she sat down with Jo and I and told us. They had found a growth in her colon and it was cancerous. They did not know how bad it is yet but she would have to be admitted the next day for a CT Scan. After that, they will be able to determine the extent and the next step.

There's really no way to describe how i felt then nor the rollercoaster of emotions which I went through. The worst thoughts filled my mind and I had sleepless nights since. Thats the one word that brings out the worse in people. The fear, the insecurities, the disappointments... it was Cancer.

Post Christmas (28 Dec - 31 Dec)
The next morning we got to the hospital and mum was admitted. The whole thing was surreal,like its not happening to us but rather watching a movie... Anyway, to cut a long narrative short, mum had her scan and tests all done and was sitting in the hospital bed doing nothing all day. The results would be out only on 4th January and the new year was coming up. I decided to bring mum home from the hospital. No point in her staying there throughout the New Years celebrations.

I woke up the morning of the 29th December with cold sweat, having had vague dreams of the worst kind about mum's illness. It was then that I decided that there was no use being miserable about something we do not know about yet. It was in God's hands and He has always been there for me. I shrugged off the heaviness within me and stepped out of the bathroom a very different person.

We were planning to have a gathering the evening of the 29th December at our place. The gang was coming over for a Christmas event and we spent the day getting ready for it. That night they all came over, presents were exchanged and there was fun and frivolity all round. Did mum some good too to have laughter in the house. We managed to take a complete group photo for my collection. Was planning to do a CD for everyone and maybe even a calender for 2006. We'll see...

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