Monday, March 13, 2006

The one about getting the breaks...

After the trip to KL, I was ready to settle down to work. The week started with a subdued Monday. I sent mum for her 2nd cycle of chemotherapy. The side effects from her first treatment was not at all visible. She didn't lose hair nor felt tired etc. I take this to be a good sign.

Once mum was settled in I headed to work. We would have to take Ethan in to work with mum not being around. Our maid Ida has decided that she was needed back home and will not be renewing her contract. A real pity because she has been a good maid and a very valuable person in our lives. Not least, she has a genuine liking for Ethan. Now I can only hope that our next maid will be just as good.

Tuesday turned out to be an extremely busy one. Had a string of appointments in the afternoon and Jo had an appointment to meet with friends for tea.

I was looking forward to a quiet Wednesday and got my wish but in a most unfortunate way. As we were getting ready to head off to the office, I hurt my back. Now this is re-occuring problem for me and understandably, Jo was upset that I had not seen to it once and for all. It was excrutiating to say the least. I just could not get up from the floor, lying on the carpet in our living room area. Poor Ethan was given the false hope of going out - which by the way is one of the pleasures of his life! We had to unpack all our things and I slowly made my way from the floor to the room.

I knew it was going to be one of those bad ones, when even just standing, the pain just shot right down my spine. It was concentrated on my left hip but when it hurt, the whole back just gives way. Even worse, mum was to be discharged from chemo this evening and I wouldn't be able to fetch her home. I called mum to get her to arrange alternative transport from my cousin Priscilla. Luckily, Priscilla and her hubby Meng were on leave and could help out.

I spent the whole evening in bed and that night, was feeling slightly better so I brought my laptop to bed and sorted out some work. Actually, come to think of it, the type of work I'm doing now, can really be done completely on my laptop and communicated by e-mail. Most of my clients now expect e-mail correspondences and updates. So it becomes really important that I'm mobile with my work.

Anyway, all that time lying in bed made me realise that I had better do something about my bad back. An appointment with a Chiropractor would be the first thing. I certainly want to be able to go out and play with Ethan, carry him or lift him up in the air again. There would be so much I would miss just lying in bed.

Thursday was Jo's first Bar Committee meeting day. In the morning, I felt better enough to get out and we went to Farlim to meet Sue Khoon for brunch. Jo had lunch planned with her girlfriends - Nazu & Hooi Lin later so she didn't have anything to eat. We discussed Sue Khoon's wedding card details and helped her decided on several things.

Later I went to the office, after dropping Jo off at Salsa's for her lunch. Caught up with some things to sign and basically finished off whatever I had to do. My back wasn't 100% yet, so when I dropped Jo off at her Bar Committee meeting, I decided to head home for some rest. It was my chance to spend a bit of time with Ethan too. Lalitha Menon, our new Chairman, had invited the Bar Committee and several of us former members for dinner at Karaikudi's at Hillside. Jo would go there with Pravin while I would head there myself that night.

Dinner was good with much trivial banter and we left the place at around 10.30pm. Initially we had intended to go to Jinny & KH's place after for coffee and all but Jinny's relative was sick in hospital, so it got cancelled.

As the weekend loomed near, I felt the week did pass pretty fast. Even with my back injury and all. On Friday, I went to see Dr. Koay, from Pulau Tikus, known for sports injuries. He gave some good advice and some pills to help out. I made an appointment to see the Chiropractor at E-Gate on Wednesday 15th at 5pm.

Saturday, with my back still only at 70% wellness, we stayed in during the day. That night, we had dinner planned at Fusion Restaurant @ Gurney Hotel. They had a buffet there ala E&O's Wine & Dine - with free flow of alcohol. Food was fairly ok, think it was pretty value for money but nothing to really shout about. Hated the fact that there were a lot of mosquitoes there! Jinny, KH, Sue & Yan had joined us for dinner and so after that we headed next door to Chillout. Mel joined us later and we had a pretty rousing time - amidst the deafening music, discussing Yan's proposed stag night which he claims will be in Amsterdam...yes, you read right, Amsterdam, Holland.

Anyway, we left Chillout at around 12.45am cos Jinny & KH were tired out.

This morning, we took Ethan to Tumbletots. He seems to be taking on the obstacles/apparatus well and even demos for the younger kids. Later it was lunch at Jo's folks, though her mum is away in China for this whole coming week.

Its been a fast moving week and although there were ups and downs, I have developed a real good feeling about things to come. Sure, we may not always get the major breaks in life but so long as we take whatever's sent our way, I'm confident the Big Guy upstairs will reward us.

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sharklynx said...

hi. my mom's got cancer too but she's not undergoing chemo. she's doing very well despite doctors saying that she won't make it through 2mths without chemo. it's been more than a year now and she's healthily gaining weight and she's as active as ever...thanks to Cellfood. there's a cure for cancer. have faith. God bless :)


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