Monday, March 20, 2006

The one about family connections...

The wonders of blogging. I'm sitting at the Segafredo Cafe waiting for a meeting and taking a quite time out to blog. Its amazing what blogs can achieve and that's been made abundantly clear to me this past week.

Last week hasn't been eventful on the social front. At long last I made the appointment to see the Chiropractor. The branch at E-Gate (next to Tesco's) was new. It's about time I fixed my bad back and the visit proved rather fruitful. Dr. Steve Karner found that I have a mild prolapsed disc on my third lumbar. In English, I have a mild slipped disc and it needs to be fixed one way or another. He suggested to try therapy as opposed to the alternative - which is surgery. Ok, no contest there.

After a one and a half hour body bending session, I gotta admit, it did feel better and at least I could walk straight. I scheduled another therapy session the next day at their Pulau Tikus branch.

The week passed quickly what with the office getting busier. How come it always feels like all clients want their work done quickly and all at the same time? Anyway, I was looking forward to a good and restful weekend. The gang had a picnic planned but the minor heatwave we've been having put paid to our plans. So it was a leisurely dinner at Ingolf's in Hillside and then to Jinny & KH's for coffee and chat. The rest of the weekend was fairly quiet as expected.

The interesting thing was that a few days ago, I got an email from my cousin Lionel from Taiping. Seems my Uncle William had set up a Blog too. He calls it The Dielenberg Heritage. The magic of the whole thing is that soon, my cousins jumped on the bandwagon and we have two other family blogs (Wendy & Paul Hunt's Family and Sandy & Arnold Read's Family) and Wendy has even set up a Dielenberg Family Tree website!

In one amazing swoop, our worlds have become closer. That's technology for you. I've been so busy surfing and checking out their respective blogs that I haven't really had the time to update mine. Promise I'll put in some latest photos soon, people! Meanwhile - Blog On!

Oh, by the way, Mum's gone in for her third cycle of chemotherapy today. She's fine and so far seems to have had minimal side effects. She received Aunt Peggy's prayers and good wishes on the 16th March and took it with her to the hospital. It was very comforting and I thank Aunt Peggy for that. Also for the prayer for Jo, Ethan and myself too! Catch you all later...

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W. Dielenberg said...

Eugene, Hope your mum recovers soon. She shouldn't worry about hair loss. Take things easy and live -- I mean live !
I do enjoy your blog entries. You make me wonder how you can have so much time for all the meetings.
Take care of that back. More exercises will help.


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