Thursday, March 30, 2006

The one about the quiet week...

Yes, its truly been quiet - at least socially. Work in the office has been my main concern the past week. Guess the fact that its been picking up must be a good sign, business wise. All I know is that I've hardly had time to have a proper lunch let alone enjoy my simple pleasures such as blogging.

Anyway, since my last blog entry, there hasn't been much to tell. The weekend of 25th March, some of us went for a nice dinner at the Shang. That hotel's going to change its name to Traders Hotel soon. Its fast becoming a very expensive executive business class place. Luckily, Jinny had vouchers - so we got a 50% discount.

Jo received a call from talent agents Famous Artistes fron KL. They had shortlisted Ethan for a part in a TV advert to be made for the Vietnamese market. However, we had to bring him down that weekend itself. We were in two minds about dragging the little guy down for a "screen test" and then again - if he was successful - for the actual filming which was to be on the 30th and 31st March. We were just wondering exactly how Vietnamese does Ethan look when Jo got a call back from the agents informing us that their Vietnamese counterparts had rejected our boy as he was a little too fair! Oh well! We were of course kinda pleased he was considered in the first place. Such vain parents!

Anyway, we attended Tumbletots again on Sunday - significantly enough, it will be the last time at the 1-Stop Midlands Park Complex as Tumbletots will be moving to better digs at Prima Tanjung (opposite Island Plaza). Seems the place will be better and more open.

The week of 27th March started out the same way the week before ended. Busy, busy, busy. Just hoping this all translates to a more stable income for us. Sigh!


Anonymous said...

Shang is not going to change its name to Traders. Traders Hotel is yet another new hotel owned by Shang group. It's located at KL Convention Centre.

Eugene said...

Dear Anonymous,

Sorry but in fact the Shang Penang has already changed its name to Traders Hotel since 1st April. I think you have failed to realise that I'm from Penang.


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