Monday, April 03, 2006

The one about football...

This weekend I had an overload of football. Watching the beautiful game that is, and NOT playing it!!

The hectic week that was ended with me completing a few urgent tasks to the satisfaction of all. So needless to say, I was looking forward to a good weekend (to recharge my energies for the equally hectic week ahead).

There was firstly the Bar's Annual Futsal Tournament. For the uninitiated, "futsal" is indoor soccer played on an artificial pitch usually by 5-7 persons per side. Jo & I brought Ethan there and of course the little fellow's proud dad had to insist he was wearing his full Liverpool FC outfit! Of course he made an impact with the people there especially the girls. Still it didn't take long before Ethan made himself heard as he quickly got bored of the scene and wanted to move on.

We got back, rested then Jo & I went out to church as usual before dinner. This weekend, our dinner was with Jinny & KH at the swanky steamboat place "Flame" on Gottlieb Road. Mel, Stacy & Naomi joined us too adding a bit of 'colour' to the night - what with Naomi dressed in her pink hat and pink overalls which her Aunt Jinny bought for her!

Our night continued next door at the new watering hole "Bagan". There was a live jazz band there with Leonard Selva playing on keyboards. Leonard was our organist at our wedding! He's obviously talented, shining thru the pretentiously loud lead singer Feroz. That effiminate diva-wannabe had a passable voice but irked me with his heavy "put-on" accent and "show-girl" moves. This place Bagan has that very "snooty" feel about it - somehow everyone has that air of uptightness so often associated with the "rich and famous". Even the service staff rub me the wrong way.

That night, Liverpool played and beat West Bromwich Albion 2 - 0. Missed that match. However, we got home almost in time for the great Spanish League match between arch-rivals Barcelona & Real Madrid. I started to watch but alas, Morpheus has other ideas. Anyway, it ended in a 1 - 1 draw.

Tonight I caught two other matches - Manchester City was beaten at home by Middlesborough 0 - 1; while West Ham & Charlton drew 0 - 0.

I'm tempted to watch more Italian and Spanish league matches but tomorrow morning its an early start for me as I will take mum to the hospital for her 4th cycle of chemo. Last Friday, I was with mum as she met the doctor at the clinic. We were hoping to get the results of her cancer marker test but that was not due back yet. So there's nothing new to report there. The doctor did say it was a good sign that she was responding well and not unduly affected by and side effects. The prayers continue.

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