Monday, May 29, 2006

The one about the week that got away...

Last week really went by like a bolt of lightning. Mum got admitted on Monday 22nd for her 7th cycle of chemotherapy. We brought Ethan to the office and the little guy made himself at home running about everywhere. Gotta admit, while its pretty fun having him around, it wasn't conducive to getting much work done!

We had planned another trip to the cinema on Friday since mum was discharged Wednesday. This time we watched "X-Men: The Last Stand". Less controversial but no less action-packed. Mel, Stacy, Jo & I caught the midnight screening which ended at around 2 a.m. There was actually a short scene right at the end of the movie - AFTER THE CREDITS - which many (no, in fact ALL the other moviegoers) missed. No spoilers here, go buy the DVD and watch it again...

Saturday was interesting. We spent the morning playing with Ethan then the afternoon we headed for the E&O for a pre-wedding organisation meeting called by Sue Khoon - the bride-to-be. Most of the main people were there - Jo, Carolyn, Stacy, Mel, Wei Wei (Sue Khoon's cousin) and me (the photographer)!

Sue Khoon had a voucher for free 2-hour use of the E&O Hotel meeting room - comes with free-flow coffee & tea, mints, water and the works! It gave the fun-filled meeting a bit of focus - as the tasks were handed out and the itinerary of the various events planned. Again, no spoilers here - so those of you going for the wedding, wait for it; while those of you who are not... watch this space!

That night, we met up with Sue Khoon again for dinner. The three of us tried out the new Crab Village which is located exactly where the old Hollywood Restaurant used to be. Food was pretty good and not too costly as well. After that, it was off to Gurney Plaza for coffee with the rest of the gang.

Anyway, a bit of commentary here - at church on Saturday evening, we signed a petition calling on the Government to honour the constitutional right of people to their respective religions. Recently, we have seen many incidences of people of different religions having their rights compromised in many different situations. The need to ensure freedom of religion is constitutionally entrenched. There can be no politicking or side-stepping in this matter. We have heard prominent people speak loosely on this subject, people who should know better.

Jo & I have been playing with the idea of getting together Catholic lawyers in a support group of sorts. There is an association in KL but we've never had one here in Penang. It would be a good opportunity to get together, share experiences and work towards supporting the Church in any situation which may require our help. We'll have to see how this goes...

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