Wednesday, June 07, 2006

The one about prophesies...

Well, I survived the ominous 06.06.06. In fact this very morning at 6 seconds past 6.06 am, I was awake and duly getting milk for Ethan. Seems Nostradamus had predicted that on the 6th day of the 6th month of the 6th year in the new millennium, will witness the birth of the anti-Christ. At least that's what the trailer to the re-make of the hit movie "The Omen" says. Horror movies ain't my stuff. Never liked them, couldn't be bothered. As for Nostradamus, the guy was usually more wrong than he was right. So there.

Last week was a pretty lame week. Nothing much happened and we ended the week with seafood dinner with Jinny & KH on Saturday night then a peaceful restful time at their place after.

On Sunday, after Tumbletots, we brought Ethan to Gurney Plaza for the pet show. Ethan gets very excited at barking dogs and so we thought he would get a real kick out of all the canines on display. What I saw were poor puppies being put thru ridicule and embarrassment by being dressed up in tiny "dogsuits" and other silly accessories. We even saw a multi-coloured poodle. Go figure.

Ethan lost interest pretty quickly as most of the dogs there were pretty well behaved and didn't bark at all!

Ethan & his mum at the pet show

Ethan & his granny at home

This week started with a sudden surge of activity as I had to clear the piling work at the office. Jo wasn't feeling well on Monday. Mum went in for her 8th cycle of chemotherapy. I brought her to the hospital as usual and made sure she was settled in before leaving for court. Funny thing is, these sessions at the hospital are becoming so routine to me that I no longer have any worries about them. A few months back, if anyone had asked me to imagine what it would be like today, I would never have been able to "prophesy" this very situation. It's a bag of mixed feelings really. Relief and comfort that mum's condition is now normal but still fearful and wary that it may re-occur sometime in the future. I guess its always best to leave the future in God's safe hands. Prophesies have proven to be an area not of any human capability. We face the moments and accept the inevitable. The comfort we have is that He walks with us every step of the way.

Just now we celebrated Sue Khoon's birthday. Yes, the bride-to-be turned 34 this very day and we all decided to try out this new place "Tao Asian Restaurant" at E-Gate near Tesco's. They had an "eat-all-you-can" menu which comprises mainly Japanese fare. Food wasn't too bad but the kitchen certainly couldn't cope with the large numbers patronising the place on a Tuesday night! We all had a good time and ate ourselves silly.

This coming Friday will be the girls' day out - when Sue Khoon gets pampered by the other girls leading to the hen's night later on. Details are fuzzy as the girls are sworn to secrecy. Jo and I will be attending Nazriah's birthday do at the Spice & Rice Restaurant that evening. Needless to say, it'll be an eventful night. After that, its only a week away to Sue Khoon & Yan's wedding. Can't believe how quickly time flies.

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