Thursday, September 21, 2006

The one about 2 crazy weeks...

Yeah, no kidding. The two-week break from blogging was spent catching up with a whole lot of work which never seems to lessen. Besides the usual office work piling up, I had to give an seminar on IT Law and organise the Penang Bar Treasure Hunt as well.

Tuesday 5th September was Mum's birthday. It was also Jo's Dad's birthday too. We went out to the Sheraton for a dinner. Kinda low key celebration but meaningful nonetheless. On reflection, I can't help being so thankful to be able to celebrate this birthday with Mum.

Friday 8th September was the day of our IT Law talk. Lee Khai had to pull out because he had a hearing on and so it was left to Ravin and myself to carry on. Ravin spoke on the practical aspects of IT litigation while I delivered a short recourse on the role of IT law practitioners in the area of corporate IT privacy. The topic was very specialised and not popular amongst our Penang lawyers. Sad to say, it will take years before these people realise the growth potential in this area.

It was a quiet Saturday for Jo and I as we went out for a simple dinner with Jinny and Kian Hio and then had coffee at Island Plaza. We were joined at coffee by Sue & Yan. The next day, we had all planned for another picnic - this time at the beach just before the former Mutiara Hotel. We had originally planned to make it a kids picnic, with Stacy & Mel bringing Naomi while Sue & Yan bringing Sue's brother's son Jae Han. However, Stacy pulled out and Naomi lost out and Jae Han came down with a cold. So we decided to leave Ethan at home too as he hadn't been feeling 100% either.

The picnic was kinda fun with adequate food, drink and laughter. Dinner was early as we headed to Bayu Senja area behind the Parkroyal. We managed to catch the sunset at dinner, which really puts into perspective how lucky we are to be living in Penang.

The next week started out pretty much the same. I had work which needed to be completed last week and it just stockpiled. Stress and more stress.

The Penang Bar Treasure Hunt was coming up and we had a mere 9 entries on Monday. However, by Wednesday, we got our minimum required 15 cars. The hunt was on!

On Thursday 14th September, we had to meet to pack the Goodie Bags and the next day on Friday, was the official briefing for the hunt. That Friday night we got an invite from Carolyn to meet or drinks at Spice & Rice. She had some friends out and so we decided to go too. Mel, Jo and I joined Carolyn and her friends at around 10 pm. It turned out to be more fun that I expected.

The next day, Saturday, was my Treasure Hunt final planning day. After lunch at home, I dropped Jo at her mum's so she could feed the dog and I headed out on my trip. It took a good three hours to complete and I then picked Jo up to head home for more work. I spent the whole Saturday night typing and printing and even had to go to the office late for photcopying.

The next morning we got up at 7.00 am, leaving Ethan in bed and headed off in the ungodly hour to the Bayview Georgetown Hotel for the Hunt. There were already eager beavers waiting! After the registration process, the hunters were all flagged off and we, the organisers, had some respite.

The first team to arrive back were the "team to watch" and true to form, the amazingly got ALL the questions correct. They were the obvious outright winners. Luckily for the weaker teams, we had prizes for everyone. I was particularly proud of two teams - one was Jaishree, Simon, Kian Ming and Pam known as "For Peace" and the other was the "Angels". They were both all-lawyers teams and did remarkably well. In the end, I think everyone enjoyed themselves and the Treasures brought back by the participants were given to the Lighthouse, the charitable organisation which provides food for the poor at the St. Francis Xavier church on Penang Road.

This week started out pretty hectic too. I spent the whole of today finishing off a submission and tomorrow there's an appeal in court. Looking forward to a good weekend. I'll surely need it...

Meanwhile, I leave you with another cute pic. My budding musician...

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Bill D'berg said...

Hi Ethan, You look cute. How is Nanna?
See you in a few days time.
You will play us a tune when we meet.
Grand Uncle and Grand Aunty


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