Tuesday, October 03, 2006

The one about sickness and success...

Much has happened since my last blog. So I'm going to run thru it all quickly as the next weeks activities are going to be a lot more hectic.

23rd September (Saturday) - it was a fairly quiet weekend for us as most people seemed to be caught up in their respective activities. Jo and I decided on a nice meal at the Arirang Restaurant which was a quaint little Korean place on Gottlieb Road. We were joined by Jinny, KH and Chean Hong. Later we met up with Sue & Yan and Mel at Dome Gurney Plaza.

The next day, Jo and I visited the Little Penang fair on Upper Penang Road. They had quite a few stalls selling many arty things and foodstuffs. Interesting concept this as it reminded me a little of the Victoria Street Market in Auckland. They had bands playing, demos, shows and other exhibitions were organised throughout. Eventhough it was a rainy day, the visitors weren't deterred.

26th September (Tuesday) - significant cos my Uncle William and Aunt Peggy arrived from Australia for a visit. Mum went to the airport to pick them up and sent them directly to my Aunt Florence's place.

We were to have met them the next afternoon for lunch but unfortunately we got a rude shock in the morning as we found Ethan to be suffering from high fever and he even threw up after his breakfast. So it was off to the hospital with him. The poor boy was so obviously unwell as he was not his usual self at all. At the hospital waiting room, Ethan threw up again. This was our first visit to a new paedetrician as Ethan's former doctor Dato' Dr. Para had migrated to Australia. So we decided to chose Dr. Jessica Tan. She was nice and thorough. It seems Ethan may just have a viral fever but she recommended admitting him. We turned it down; with our past experience, admitting him with high fever only meant cursory checks by the nurses while Jo and I do most everything else. So we decided to take him home and watch him there.

Ethan's fever stablised by the evening. We were paid a visit by my Uncle and Aunt later that day too. Later that night, we had to basically stay awake to continuously test Ethan's temperature. Jo had to sponge him down a few times and we really had a torrid time giving him his medication.

The next morning, his temperature improved and by breakfast, he was back to normal. Phew! The rest of the week had some semblance of normality and the week ended well for us.

29th September (Friday) - we got an invite from Carolyn for drinks again. This time we went to Bagan and met up with Carolyn's friend from Singapore. We were joined by Sue and Mel and two other friends of Carolyn - Rizal and Lai Yin. Turned out to be a great night after all.

The next day, I had to deliver a lecture to the Bar's chambering students as part of their Ethics Course. Hopefully I didn't ramble on and on! At least no one fell asleep!

That night, it was to be a very quiet night for us. We had no dinner plans as we drove to church but after mass, decided to give the buffet at Traders Hotel a try. It was good food and the famed chocolate fountain was simply amazing. After dinner, we contacted Sue & Yan and planned to meet them for coffee at Segafredo's on Upper Penang Road.

While having coffee, Yan announced that he passed his CLP exams! Congrats to him as it was a tough one to go thru. So he plans to start chambering soon. So to celebrate, Yan decided that he wants to have a stronger drink! Needless to say, Soho beckoned. The four of us then got ourselves settled upstairs of Soho and made some inroads on the bottle of Black Label we had stashed there.

There was a hen's night celebration there with a group of 5-6 girls. They obviously attracted a lot of attention and the poor bride-to-be was made to go around selling ladies panties to the guests! One of the group was a fellow lawyer and she got the bride-to-be to approach me! I didn't make it too easy for the poor girl either and tried to bargain with her. Finally, I did buy a couple from her and they went off on their merry way... and soon after, so did we. Another good night out.

Sunday, we caught a movie after months (the last movie we watched was Superman) - and it was a pretty good movie. "The Devil Wears Prada" showed Merryl Streep's versatility as an actress as she carried the role and the movie with her simple presence.

Thus ends another week. This new week started out pretty mildly but is bound to move into full gear. We just went for tea at Subaidah's with the gang - Stacy, Mel & Naomi, Yan & Sue, Carolyn were all there. It was a kinda celebration of the end of Stacy's MBA. She sat her finals last night. Also Yan had to break the news of his success to the others. Achievements all round. Hopefully more to come this week...

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