Monday, October 30, 2006

The one about the calm after the storm...

The Hari Raya holidays proved to be a quiet one for us after all. The first day of Raya, Tuesday 24th October was spent mostly vegetating at home. Almost felt guilty for doing absolutely nothing.

That evening, Jo and I ventured out to Gurney Plaza to meet Jinny & KH for a movie. This time we caught "World Trade Centre". A bit about the movie - the 9/11 terror attacks provided the background for this show about the will to live. Two Port Authority cops (this is a true story) were buried under rubble when the first tower collapsed and survived two other tower crashes only to be found by a scary-looking ex-marine volunteer and brought out by rescuers. The two cops practically willed each other to live on. To me the real trial may have been the countless surgeries each had to undergo after the fact on the road to recovery. Pain.

After the movie, we had dinner at the Fish & Co. and then proceeded to Coffee Bean for after-dinner coffee and chat. Celina and Chus joined us then and we had fun making up names for each other. Don't ask.

The next day, second day of Raya was supposed to be visiting day. However, Jo and I got real lazy and spent the whole day at home. Its amazing how easy it is to do nothing.

That evening, it rained and rained, justifying our decision to stay at home. Mum was out with my uncles and aunts and they too stayed put. Ethan was getting restless so we decided to set up his pool and allow him a quick swim. Since it was kinda cold, we dressed him up in his full suit - a present from his Aunty Carolyn. Think he felt strange being fully dressed yet allowed in the pool!

Thursday 26th October was basically back to work for us. The staff were mostly on leave which left us with a hectic time in the office - running around like headless chickens.

Friday was more of the same as clients decided that they would all want their matters done at the same time. We managed to stave off the onslaught for the time being anyway. That night I got home tired, worn-out but relieved. Enjoyed mum's famed spaghetti laksa dish which she prepared for my uncle and aunt that night.

Saturday morning was a slow one for me. I got up lazily and spent part of the morning playing with Ethan. Since the planned party for my birthday was no longer, there wasn't much anticipation for the events of the night. Later in the evening, we heard that most of the gang - Sue & Yan, Mel & Stacy were all going to Nazriah's house for a Hari Raya function - so we decided to accept the invitation as well.

After mass at the Assumption Church, we used the new highway to Nazriah's house. It was surely much faster indeed. Her place wasn't too crowded yet, but then she had spaced out her guests over three days. Soon we were all tucking in to yummy rendang, curries and tomato rice. We stayed on till about 9.30p.m. before deciding to adjourn to E-Gate for coffee. Sue, Yan Jo and I chose Starbucks while Mel & Stacy joined us later after their shopping at Tesco's.

The next morning, we returned to some semblance of routine - bringing Ethan to Tumbletots and then to Jo's parents for lunch. Jo and I then headed out to Little Penang for some browsing - and early Christmas shopping. We then visited our grandparents' graves at the Western Road cemetery - beating the crowd that would be there this Thursday (All Souls Day).

The rest of the weekend was spent in relaxed mode at home. I do dread the coming Monday - with an early court matter - and the pile of work lying on my desk. At least I'm looking forward to a great birthday ahead. No swimming with sharks (like Ralph did on his 40th last week), but I'm sure my "landmark" birthday will prove to be memorable in its own special way.

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