Tuesday, October 31, 2006

The one about the beginning of life...

Ah, yes. Today my blog description changes. Since I'm no longer approaching the big four-0. You guessed it - the old birthday has crept up and smacked me in the face and now slowly fades away. What does it leave behind? A messed-up mid-life crisis-ed out middle aged guy? Hardly. In fact I don't really feel any different. My birthday passed by without me staring death in the face or embarking on some life changing journey of self-discovery. I didn't attempt the impossible nor did I challenge my good senses. Yet, today was special. The rest of my life begins, today.

As it turned 12midnight and the date changed to the 31st of October 2006, Jo wished me and surprised me with a cheese platter, crackers and a bottle of wine. We enjoyed the midnight snack while surfing on the net! A little later, Jo brought out a small gift - the first of a few, I was told. It was a very appropriate book entitled "The Top 10 of Everything 2006". It will remind me of what was "Top 10" when I turned 40! I also got to open the gift which Jo and I went to pick out from the shops - a brand new blue tooth headset by I-Tech. Loved this type cause you don't have to stick the ridiculous looking contraption on your ear at all times, pretentiously waiting for the phone calls.

This morning, I woke a little late, an indulgence helped by Ethan waking up later than usual. Jo brought Ethan to me to wish his dad a Happy Birthday and I got a pleasant gift indeed... a kiss from the little fellow. Now that's worth more than anything I can imagine. Jo then produced the rest of my gifts. Two more intricately wrapped presents. I got a "Liverpool FC" DVD and a gift book, meant to be my gift from Ethan and from Jo the coupe de grace - a very bold and stylish Armani watch! Thanks Sweetie, I really loved everyone of my gifts!

Later, I spent sometime on the computer working - rushing a document which some clients needed for their meeting in Singapore on Wednesday. Then Jo and I left Ethan at home and headed to the office. It was business as usual until lunch time when we went to Gurney Plaza where I got my hair cut. My usual stylist May decided to experiment with a slightly different cut and my hair did look different then. However, once I got home and took a shower, it didn't seem too different after all!

Just before dinner, we had a little family private cake cutting thing - Ethan was amazed by the candles and the cake but it was meaningful to have that especially with mum and Ethan there together.

Jo was taking me out to dinner - she says to the 1885 at E&O. However, I was certain that she had booked a Winemaker's Dinner at the Hardwicke as I had noticed she was looking for the phone number to the place. We got dressed up and started out towards the E&O but as we passed the Hardwicke, Jo asked me to drive in! We were going fo that dinner after all. It was an awfully expensive dinner with an Australian winemaker showcasing their wines to accompany the set meal. With a good sample of wine for every course in the meal, we were in for a "high time" after all!

I think it was suffice to say that the meal was exquisite, the wines excellent and the whole dinner - simply awesome.

After dinner, Jo had planned to meet the gang for coffee and cake at Dome in Gurney Plaza. We arrived a little late, as the meal had dragged on a little longer than expected. Unfortunately, Raphael who was there first didn't chose to wait and left without informing us. Sue & Yan were there when we arrived while Mel and Stacy got there only a few seconds after us.

Suffice to say, there was drinks, some birthday song singing, cake cutting and great chat between friends. A fine close to a wonderful day.

As I reminisce on the events of the day, there wasn't any earth shattering phenomenon which would make this day one which lives in infamy. Instead, there was sentiment, caring, laughter, happiness, gratitute and most of all love. What better way for life to begin...


Wendy said...

Happy Birthday dearest Eugene from Wendy, Paul, Sarah and Tash

Lin said...

Happy Birthday!! Hope your birthday this year is especially special.


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