Monday, November 13, 2006

The one about the last two weeks...

So, how did I spend my first fortnight as a 40-year old? It was a fairly eventful time, with happy and even very sad moments.

Instead of my usual diary-like narration of events, I'll run thru the last two weeks in this blog entry and "report" the more important events separately in additional blog entries.

The day after my birthday was of course All Saints Day. Jo and I went for noon mass at the Holy Spirit where we met lots of people. Seems everyone's got the right idea of this lunch time mass. Convenient and purposeful.

The next day was All Souls Day and mum wanted to be at the graves for the blessing. So, Jo and I came home early to watch Ethan. Spent the evening working from home which I discovered was truly do-able with technology in my hands.

We brought Ethan to work the next day - the first time we've done that in a very long time. He had fun as usual.

The next week, was mainly a blur. I remember having to rush thru a few urgent things at work. The gang had planned to celebrate Raphael & my birthdays this week.

The celebrations were great and I must say, I had a lot of fun indeed. We had dinner at Beach Blanket Babylon - a set dinner for the usual ten of us. This was followed by drinks at Bagan - where Jo invited a whole lot of my friends as a surprise! It was really great to see all of them there. Must admit I got a little caught up in the emotions of the night. Got really cool gifts too! Will post the photos up on a photo blog after this.

On a sadder note, we received bad news this week. Jo's aunt - Joyce Holloway - passed away in KL. She had been suffering from Alzheimer's for some time. Aunty Joyce's youngest son Richard is close to Jo and myself and we were sorry to hear the news. Unfortunately, due to unforseen circumstances, we could not attend the funeral. Jo and I have agreed to go straight to Malacca next weekend to pay our respects.

So, the new week starts and it'll be a short one for us. Friday morning, we'll be driving down and headidng straight into Malacca. Only my second trip there ever. We have a few exciting things lined up for the weekend, hopefully, and will be looking forward to it. But before that, its back to the grind.

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