Wednesday, May 11, 2005

The one about limitating latitudes...

Well, I guess its probably time to enlight the cyberworld out there on what my blog's title means. Believe it or not, and I will tell you most of my friends all will painfully testify to this, the northern most city in the world which I have travelled to is Chiangmai, Thailand. Chiangmai sits just below the 20'N Latitude line.

Hence the one limiting factor in my life is that I have never travelled north of the 20'N Latitude line. Whilst practically, it would not be too difficult to "break" that intangible barrier; the implications of this limitation in my life reaches far beyond such a simplistic matter. To me, its a lesson to be learned by anyone who may want to know and a lesson to be taught to anyone I care about. It's about choice.

Our lives are what we choose it to be. I remember an episode of "Frasier" recently which explored how even small decisions may change the direction our lives head. However, the episode ended by showing that in the end, life is more or less fated. The two different direction Frasier's life took after a while finally converged.

I don't know if I really agree with this "fated" concept. Religiously, I believe that God made us and placed us in this world with one true gift. The freedom of choice. It is this choice which we make that decides how our lives will be. I believe that all hardship and sufferring really arises out of our human choice. It's because we made a decision which is not necessarily a "bad" decision. Things do happen for a reason.

So I do believe that my life, almost forty years of it, has gone in a certain way and panned out in a certain manner due to the many many small decisions I have made. It is these decisions which has caused that very limitation of not having travelled north of the 20'N Latitude. Things may be different had I done certain things differently.

So, you ask... what would I have changed in my life to have "succeeded" in travelling north of that Latitude? Nothing, nothing at all.

Its a very small price to pay for the life I have now.

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