Saturday, May 14, 2005

The one about news; the good and the bad...

Well, what's happening in the world today?

More Anti-US Afghan protests by the Insurgency (that word used to be a verb, its now a noun); more bomb strikes in Baghdad; protests by Islamic extremists has left 9 dead in Uzbekistan. Nothing new there - these despicable examples of the worst in human nature will continue for sometime.

Over in the US, the state of Connecticut executed its first prisoner on death row for 45 years. Michael Ross was a serial killer and he wanted to die. The 45-year-old killed 8 women and died with no last words. The debate over capital punishment lives on.

The US Pentagon is proposing shutting down over 180 military installations including 33 bases in a cost cutting exercise. Big deal.

On the brighter side (hey, news need not always be bad ones) - Malcolm Glazer has reportedly taken over Manchester United Football Club and the fans are pissed as hell. More things to worry about for the misguided folk...

The Miss Universe 2005 pageant is due to take place soon in Bangkok. Miss Indonesia is there in spite of some protests on her appearing in a bikini. The woman is pretty and she's a law grad too. Leave her alone.

And lastly... Pope Benedict XVI has put the late Pope John Paul II on the "fast track" to sainthood. That probably means it'll take ten years instead of thirty. Sheesh. What do they know? Remember, it was religious leaders who thought Jesus was a fraud. We do "chastise" poor old Pontius Pilate (the Politician) every Sunday for his part in the whole deal but really what was his sin? The guy was a coward, sure... if we are going to chastise political leaders for being cowards... oh where do I start?

On the local front, Malaysia will be hiring teachers from China and India. Very "muhibbah".

As for me, we will be celebrating our friend Jinny's fortieth tonight (Saturday). Dinner with good friends and a fun night out at Soho's. Bliss.

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